About us

For over 30 years Dewey Crosby, propietor of From Door to Door, has been lovingly repairing and restoring doors, antiques, and furniture; including fabricating his own windows and doors. Even as a child he was always most at home in his grandfather's workshop or helping his dad with projects around the home.

Over the years Dewey has perfected repairing and restoring wooden doors using his extensive knowledge of wood and finishes and the 'joy' of boat ownership. Residential doors require extensive knowledge on how they are built and how to repair and refinish these. Some doors only have a thin veneer on the surface whereas others may be made from solid wood. Dewey's approach is friendly, professional, and service oriented, with his mantra being 'unless the customer is happy, I'm not happy'. For Dewey giving a door a new lease of life is a joy, he is passionate about woodcraft and loves the challenge of restoration and repair. The customer's needs always come first and before starting a project Dewey likes a detailed consultation to ensure that the finish and products are appropriate for the door, location, and needs of the client.

You can save thousands of dollars by having us refinish your front door rather than replacing it with a new one. You will get a longlasting finish that will look beautiful for years to come. Why not contact us and see what we can do for you? You can contact us directly on 985.643.8355 or by email or completing the contact form.

We can also repair and restore your furniture and antiques, please see our other website Heirloom Restored for more details.

I had a front door that had become badly weather beaten. Dewey boarded up the front, took the door back to his shop and restored its original beauty at a very reasonable price.—Rocky S.