Wooden door refinishing process

Our Process

  • Step 1: Strip
    After removing your front door and replacing it with a secure insert, it is taken to our workshop where we carefully strip it back to bare wood. Any glass is carefully protected as we remove any old finishes and paint. We also remove any hardware and can sand blast and polish this should it be required. Hardware can also be replaced.
  • Step 2: Repair and sand
    Once we are back to bare wood we make any repairs to the door, preferably in the same wood as the original rather than using fillers or non-wood products. We have a supply of various hard woods to ensure that the best match is found. The door is then carefully sanded using progressive grits to reveal the beauty of the grain and then cleaned with mineral spirits.
  • Step 3: Refinish
    The coating process is what will ensure that your door remains at its prime. After many years of experience with wood crafts, including owning a boat, we've found that the best and most hardwearing finish comes from a marine grade varnish. This is a slow-drying product and needs to be applied in a dust-free environment, which is why we take your door to our workshop. The varnish is carefully sprayed on with each coat left to dry for 24 hours. Some things are worth waiting for, and compared to quick-drying alternatives we believe this varnish is worth the wait. After five coats with a light dusting in between your door will be ready to withstand rain and shine for many years to come. This particular varnish allows the wood to breath, expand, and contract which is essential to prevent any flaking or peeling. We can also paint your door should you require this. Again, this is sprayed on to give the best finish possible.
  • Step 4: Refit
    Once we are satisfied that the door is finished and back to its prime, we refit any hardware and return and refit your door. If needed, we refinish any sidelights or transoms.
Why not contact us and see what we can do for you? You can save thousands of dollars by having a door refinished rather than replacing it with a new one. Please contact us directly on 985.643.8355 or by email or completing the contact form.